Checklist / Trip Planning

Remember to bring your pillow, sleeping bag & towels.

Flashlight and extra batteries.

Bring an axe or chainsaw for chopping wood for the firepit (we do provide a limited amount of precut firewood).  You are welcome to cut up fallen trees to use as firewood.

Bottled water, your food (grocery and liquor store located in Lytton, approximately 30-40 minutes away).

Come prepared to possibly hook into 10 lb. to 20 lb. trout.

Bring layers, hat, gloves, rubber boots as the weather is somewhat unpredictable.  Ruddocks is in the mountains at an elevation of 3,700 ft.

Before you leave your home, make sure you have turned on your “out of office” message on your emails as you won’t be able to access them.

There is wild life a plenty.  Moose, deer, mountain sheep, bears, wolves, coyotes, muskrats, various birds including eagles, loons, geese and ducks, and most importantly wild trout.

This is a private lake, however you may not be the only person(s) staying or fishing at the lake as there are several year round renters situated on the far side of the lake as well as other paying customers.

We require a 20% deposit at time of booking, with the balance payable two weeks prior to arrival.  Cheque, e-transfer and credit card accepted for deposit.  Balance is to be paid by e-transfer or credit card.