About Ruddocks Ranch

Ruddocks Ranch is a premiere fly fishing location at Onion Lake, outside Lytton BC. Blessed with naturally beautiful surrounds and countless wildlife, it has become a favourite spot for people looking to experience the best that BC has to offer.

Our History

The dam at Ruddocks was first built by the Ruddocks brothers in 1916. They blocked the existing creek and created a 30 acre lake. The Ruddocks Ranch raised cattle to feed the road building crews at the turn of the last century. In the early 1950’s, three ¼ sections of land encompassing the dam was given as a veterans grant to a private individual. In 1983 a new dam was built and the lake grew to 65 acres.
In 2004 the lake was purchased by the current owners. Until 2014 the current owners kept the property for their personal enjoyment and then decided to allow others the opportunity to enjoy it as well. Ruddocks is completely off grid and surrounded by crown land; so no neighbors... a true wilderness setting.

Family Owned

The owners have been connected to the area since the early 1970’s as a family member owned a property nearby. Gord and Agi have owned the property since 2004 starting with a trailer. In 2015 they began construction on the lodge with the idea they would eventually be making it their permanent residence. Gord and Agi are avid outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy sharing their property with friends and family. They have managed the property, the lake and fishery with an appreciation for keeping it natural.

Ruddocks Ranch is a member of the BC Chamber of Commerce.
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