Boat Rentals

Embark on an unrivaled fishing adventure at Ruddocks Ranch with the convenience and comfort of their thoughtfully equipped boat rentals, setting the stage for a memorable expedition on the vibrant waters in British Columbia. Picture yourself casting a line from a seat that epitomizes comfort, ensuring your hours on the water are spent in bliss, not in discomfort.

Each rental is well-equipped with essential amenities including two anchors to secure your perfect fishing spot, and a rod holder to keep your gear safe and at hand. Enjoy the added convenience of cup holders, embodying the ranch's attention to detail aimed at enhancing your fishing experience.
For the enthusiasts bringing their own vessel, the ranch provides a dedicated boat launch situated picturesquely in front of the lodge, at no extra charge, fostering a welcoming environment for every angler. Just remember the golden rule: electric motors only, to maintain the serenity and ecological balance of the environment.
Embracing sustainability, the ranch generates solar power off-grid, harmonizing with the day’s cycle, and encouraging battery charges during daylight hours for a nominal fee of $10. Take advantage of this eco-friendly provision, whether renting or bringing your battery.

Whether you opt for the simplicity of oars at $40 per day or the ease of an electric motor package at $65 — which includes one fully charged battery — additional batteries can be procured at a mere $10 per day. The ranch offers flexible solutions catering to various preferences, ensuring your adventure is both eco-friendly and tailored to your fishing style.
Come and discover the rustic charm and ingenious eco-conscious facilities at Ruddocks Ranch, where every rental is more than a boat; it's your ticket to a responsible and exhilarating exploration of British Columbia's fishing paradise.
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