Fishing at Ruddocks Ranch

Imagine yourself on the pristine waters of the lake at Ruddocks Ranch, surrounded by the untouched beauty of British Columbia, where every fishing trip brings the exhilarating chase of wild rainbow trout, a species revered for its fierce fighting spirit and rapid growth rate. These dazzling fish grow up to a remarkable 2 lbs per year thanks to the abundant food supply in the lake – promising a thrilling experience for every angler, seasoned or beginner.

Those fortunate enough to have fished at Ruddocks know firsthand that battling with these vibrant creatures is a heart-pounding experience. Even the smaller ones, with their enthusiastic acrobatic displays that skim the water's surface, have a fighter's heart, giving even the most seasoned fisherman a run for their money. But be alert, for the big ones will test your mettle as they pull hard, sometimes surprising the unvigilant angler enough to claim a rod or two as their trophy!
This dynamic ecosystem is abundant with a diverse array of potential meals for the rainbows, making them discerning in their choices and occasionally fussy – a true test for advanced fishermen. To meet this challenge head-on, come prepared with an arsenal of baits including micro leach, olive damsels, bead head leach, pumpkin heads, and a range of chronomids such as copper head, snow cone, and red rib copper head.

As you venture out into the waters, bear in mind the sanctity of this natural habitat. The ranch maintains a staunch policy to preserve the rich aquatic life and its surroundings; a gentle reminder that here, electric motors are the only permissible means of powering your boat, ensuring a tranquil and eco-friendly fishing adventure. The art of fly fishing reigns supreme here, a technique that harmonizes with the ethos of catch and release, supported by the use of barbless hooks to protect these magnificent creatures.
Make it a priority to carry fish-friendly nets, which are also available for rent, aiding in the gentle handling of your catch, always ensuring they remain in the water and are given ample time to recover before being released back into their natural habitat.

The responsible angler will also ensure they are equipped with a valid fishing license and a fish hook removal tool, indispensable in safeguarding both the fish and the fisherman. Safety and education extend to the little ones as well, with a mandate for adult supervision for children under 14, encouraging a respectful and nurturing approach to fishing from a young age, where those 12 and under are invited to fish for free.
As the seasons turn and the late summer and fall arrive, you'll notice the lake water receding a few feet, unveiling new facets of the lake, and potentially, new opportunities and spots to explore and cast your line.

At Ruddocks Ranch, every expedition is more than a fishing trip; it is a pact with nature, a testament to co-existing harmoniously with the rich tapestry of life that thrives in the waters of British Columbia. It is here, amidst the grandeur of nature, where anglers are not merely visitors, but become part of a storied tradition of respect, conservation, and the pure joy of fishing. So, prepare yourself for not just a fishing trip, but an experience that tingles with the rush of adrenaline, a dance with the wild rainbows of Ruddocks Ranch, a truly Canadian adventure that beckons with the promise of the catch of a lifetime.
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