Ruddocks Ranch offers a vibrant and ever-changing backdrop for its array of outdoor activities. Nestled amidst expansive crown land, the area unfolds into pristine wilderness, showcasing stunning mountain vistas, lush meadows, and crystalline lake waters. In the winter, the land transforms into a white paradise with spectacular snow-capped mountains under a crisp, blue sky. It's a place where the wild and the wonderful converge, promising raw, untamed, and picturesque natural beauty at every turn, beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in British Columbia's rich and varied landscapes.


Ruddocks Ranch is a hotspot for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a chance to encounter a rich diversity of fauna both on and off the property. The area is home to a variety of wildlife including black bears, mule deer, mountain sheep, and an array of birds such as Barrow's Goldeneye and Horned Grebe, providing ample opportunities for wildlife and bird observation. The rich biodiversity promises vibrant encounters with nature, giving visitors a front-row seat to British Columbia's untamed wilderness teeming with life in its natural habitat.


At Ruddocks Ranch, boating is an eco-friendly adventure. Visitors can rent boats equipped with comforts such as rod and cup holders, setting sail with either oars or an electric motor, the latter ensuring the preservation of the lake’s serene environment. Those bringing their own boats have access to a convenient launch area in front of the lodge. It's a place where both novice and experienced boaters can embrace the tranquil lake, surrounded by British Columbia's picturesque scenery, for a respectful and nature-friendly boating experience.


Fishing at Ruddocks Ranch offers an exhilarating challenge for both novice and expert anglers. Home to robust wild rainbow trout that put up a spirited fight, the lake provides an abundant supply of food, allowing fish to grow rapidly. The catch and release policy, coupled with barbless hooks, ensures a sustainable fishing practice. From spring to winter, including ice fishing opportunities, Ruddocks Ranch promises a rewarding fishing experience, with the vivid backdrop of British Columbia’s untamed beauty enhancing every catch.


Ruddocks Ranch offers a plethora of year-round activities designed to immerse visitors in British Columbia's breathtaking wilderness. From angling in the vibrant trout-rich waters and tranquil ice fishing, to exciting trails for hiking, mountain and dirt biking, and opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in a winter wonderland. The ranch also serves as a launchpad for exploring nearby attractions, including rafting in Lytton and wine tasting in Lillooet, ensuring a vibrant, adventure-filled stay with something for every outdoor enthusiast.
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