Wild rainbows. . .anyone that has had the opportunity to fish Ruddocks know that these fish fight hard!  Smaller ones give a 10+ acrobatic performance across the surface while the big ones pull hard so be ready! (We usually find a couple of rods in the lake in the fall from fisherman not paying attention).  The food is abundant in the lake and the fish can grow fast – up to 2 lbs. a year.  Lots of food is great for the fish but can be hard for the fisherman as these rainbows can be fussy and will test the advanced fisherman and other days you can’t keep them off the fly. Bring with you: micro leach, olive damsels, bead head leach, pumpkin heads, chronomids: copper head, snow cone and red rib copper head to name a few.

IMPORTANT!   Electric motors only, no gas motors allowed.  Fly fishing only, catch and release, barbless hooks, use fish friendly nets (nets available for rent).  Please handle fish with care, keep them in the water and release them once they have had time to recover.  Please ensure you have a fishing license and a  fish hook removal tool.  All children 14 and under must be supervised by an adult while fishing. Those 14 and under fish for free!!

You will find that the lake water is a few feet lower in the late summer and fall.

Day rate for “drop in” fishing – $75 per day per person.

Date rate for fishing when staying in our accommodations or camping – $50 per day per person.

Fly Fishing in BC